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Do you know what you need to do to stay safe?

We all have to do more to stop cases rising in Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough has moved up the government's coronavirus watchlist today, because the number of cases we have is rising quickly. We're now classed as an 'area of enhanced support'.

We're still not at the point of having a local lockdown, but it will happen if we do not stop the number of cases increasing.

Stay safe by:

  • washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • wearing a face covering (unless you're exempt) - this includes in public places and on public transport - view the government's list of places you must wear a face covering
  • keeping your distance (2m if possible) from people you don't live with or who are not part of your 'bubble', and not meeting in groups of more than 6 ('rule of six') 

Everyone has a part to play in keeping the town safe. Here are five examples of how you can help:

1. Visiting people's homes

We know that more than 80% of recent cases have been a result of contact within homes. We're advising you not to visit other people's homes unless it's essential (for example, you're caring for someone there), to try and stop the virus from spreading.

2. Parents on the school run

We know most families are following social distancing rules in and around schools. But some schools have told us they're worried about parents standing close together at entrances. Everyone must try and stay 2m away from people they do not live with, and not gather in groups around school entrances. Some schools have also put out guidance about face coverings, so if your child's school is one of them, please make sure you follow that guidance.

3. Playing sport

Organised sport is exempt from the 'rule of six', but you still need to be safe. The more contact you have with different people, the more likely you are to be infected. So it's essential that you wash your hands regularly, and wear a face covering indoors if you cannot social distance. Sharing transport to and from matches is also a risk, so if you can, please avoid sharing transport with anyone you do not live with. If you have to, please make sure you read and follow the government's transport guidance.

4. Families watching junior sport

Hundreds of families will watch their children at training sessions or matches this weekend. Because of the number of people at sports pitches and leisure facilities, it's vital that you wash your hands regularly and keep 2m apart from people you do not live with while spectating. Please avoid sharing transport with anyone you do not live with. If you have to, please make sure you read and follow the government's transport guidance.

5. Visiting pubs or restaurants

If you're seeing friends and family you do not live with, remember you should not meet in groups of more than six. You should keep a safe distance - 2m if possible - from any people you do not live with. Wash your hands regularly, and cover your face in any shared transport while you're travelling to and from your night out.

It's also important to make sure you're going somewhere safe. Are they collecting personal details for Test and Trace? Is there enough space between tables? If you have any concerns about businesses not following social distancing rules, please email with details.

The mobile testing unit will be at Newport Community Hub (St Paul's Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 5NQ) from Tuesday to Friday this week (29 September to 2 October). It will be open from 11am to 3pm.

You must book a test online or by calling 119 before you go to the testing unit.

Only book a test if you actually have coronavirus symptoms.

The symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to sense of taste or smell.

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