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Tenders and contracts over £5000

As part of the council's commitment to providing financial transparency, quarterly reports will be published on invitations to tender to provide goods or services with a value exceeding £5000, and contracts/commissioned activity that exceeds £5000.


January to March 2016 - quotes and tenders (XLSX)

April to June 2016 - quotes and tenders (XLSX)

July to September 2016 - quotes and tenders (XLSX)


April to June 2015 - quotes and tenders (XLS)

July to September 2015 - quotes and tenders (XLS)

October to December 2015 - quotes and tenders (XLS)


January to March 2014 - contracts over £5000 (XLSX)

April to December 2014 - contracts over £5000 (PDF)

April to December 2014 - contracts over £5000 (XLSX)




The data is freely reusable under the terms and conditions of the Open Government Licence.

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